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Volvo Semi-Trucks for Sale

You will find a variety of Volvo model semi-trucks among our truck inventory offering. Our inventory of Volvo truck stock meets the needs of any commercial truck buyer that walks through our dealership’s doors. It is no secret that Volvo has a long history of performance and dependability, making it one of the most well known and sought after semi-trucks in the industry.

This is why TMI Truck and Equipment is committed and prepared to deliver the reputable Volvo  product directly to you, our valued the customer. Our semi-truck dealerships are specifically designed to cater to the buyer of Vovlo trucks. We know that the person that chooses Volvo is a special type of buyer. They recognize and want only the highest quality big rig available. This means that our heavy duty repair and service departments, commercial truck parts departments, as well as our diesel mechanic technicians, are all stocked, trained, and prepared to maintain any Volvo semi-truck that comes our way.

Every semi-truck owner grows to respect the Volvo brand as the truck manufacturer continues to deliver in performance, dependability, and reliability. Volvo semi-trucks have historically exceeded the expectations of the trucking industry and will continue its success in truck manufacture for years to come. Visit TMI Truck and Equipment in Chesapeake today and test drive one of the industry leading semi-trucks! We have a variety of work ready trucks available as well as a well trained and dedicated sales staff, ready to place an order for your custom truck! We are committed to providing our customers with the best in class buying experience!